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I'm a super cool cat mom from Northern California in the small town of Lodi. I live with my Husband Alex and our kid/cats Toby + Lucy. I get overly excited when i find someone just as obsessed with Friends/The Office/Schitts Creek. Ew David. When I’m not working I’m probably out scouting for new locations, drowning myself in sushi and Netflix, or embarrassing myself on a dance-floor five tequilas deep.

My dream day would include my Husband and I belting out some Cardi B on a rainy evening with endless amounts of deep fried pickles, For real.

I am deep thinker and I probably look way too much into everything, I’m currently obsessed with Enneagrams and I am constantly looking into it. Anyone else an Enneagram 4w5 ?!

I love to do anything that allows me to be creative and connect on a deeper level!

Who am i ?

when im not shooting...

OMG so freakin happy that you have found yourself here! If you’ve gotten this far, my images must have sparked something inside of you which makes me ecstatic!! I hope that they have and I hope that you are currently envisioning yourself plastered all over my website.

I love photography SO damn much. But more than that I love deep connections! Put those two things together and that’s where I can create something really great. Bring me your raw. Bring me your vulnerable. I will put it in front of a sunset and make you FEEL when you look at it.

I do my very best when my clients let me do my thing and trust me. I’ve got you! I'm here to help you step outside of your comfort zone a bit and I promise, if you really trust me, you will love the outcome. I'm here for it all. I’ll help you shop for that perfect outfit that makes you feel amazing, I’ll guide your session to bring out the best in you and guys…I will work your angles!! I'm way more into the emotions you're feeling during your session than trying to perfect some Instagram pose. I want this to be an unforgettable experience, not just a photoshoot!


So like, do you wanna be besties?

Hi Babes!

My Husband and I got married this past year and made the decision to elope in the desert in Gold Canyon, AZ. Our day was perfect and exactly what we wanted. We wrote our own vows and said 'I do" with our parents as our only guests. If you are considering eloping i have all the details!

we eloped!

From Inquiry to Gallery Delivery, I want to calm your nerves and provide an unforgettable experience.
I want you to feel like we have been friends forever, not that I am just a a ‘vendor' for your event. I have a carefree and fun approach where I focus on bringing out the emotion and feelings in all of your experiences.
I am not the Photographer who shows up to your event, says a quick hello and begins shooting only to talk to you next at the time of gallery delivery. Hell no! I’m looking for people who want to work with me on a deeper level. I strive for deep connections and when I can find that in my clients I create my very best work. We don’t have to be besties but I would sure love it if we were! 

crafted with love, soul, and a little bit of crazy

i want to tell your story, i just need the pieces....

i like your vibe

let's go

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